Outstanding Note of Congratulations From National Youth Ambassador to Junior Minister of Tourism

Providenciales, 12 Nov 2014 – An outstanding note of congratulations and an extended hand of camaraderie from the National Youth Ambassador, Donte Francis to the new Junior Minister of Tourism, William Elliot of Maranatha High school. Donte in a poised statement addressed the significance of tourism and was careful to remind us all that the youth have a role to play in national development and are also a source of ideas and strength.

Mr Francis said: The education of our youth, as it relates to the impact of the tourism industry on our islands, is one of the most significant elements to the progression of an exclusive and sustainable tourism product. Mr. Elliott will represent us regionally in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) where he will participate in the Regional Competition sponsored by Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). This will further equip us with new ideas and strategies to contribute to the country’s Tourism Strategic Plan. Therefore he is to be encouraged and motivated to do what is vital for our future.” The National Youth Ambassador concluded with I look forward to working along with you Mr. Elliott, where we can share our ideas and visions that can aid toward the development of this great nation.

Well said Donte Francis.

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