Jill Beckingham to Walk 100 Kilometers Throughout the Islands

Gov Wife Press Conf-7Turks & Caicos Islands, 15 Oct 2014 – We can take a very long walk with the Governor’s wife, Jill Beckingham; she’s committing to walk 100 kilometers throughout the islands of the Turks and Caicos and in doing so she hopes to raise money for just about every charity organization and every school in the country.

QUOTE. So many charities have beckoned to Beckingham for her help to raise money and awareness that she has devised a brilliant plan to have residents join her in the various walks, donating money to the charity of their choice or raising money for a project or purpose at their schools. There have been some company sponsors on board already. QUOTE.

The Footsteps for Good national walk with Jill Beckingham begins next Saturday, October 25. Provo Road Runners are also on board for the first of its kind event.

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