Japan to Honor Bowen for Dance

david bowen

david bowenProvidenciales, 30 Oct 2014 – For a decade, the now Director of Culture for the Turks and Caicos, David Bowen was a professional dancer and master jazz instructor at the ‘Geki Dan Shiki’ or Theatre for All Seasons in Japan. Earlier this week, we learned that Bowen will be heading to Japan to be honored in a special reunion hosted by his former students.

In the invitation for him to return to Japan after 18 years, the students wrote: “Since studying dance with you for many wonderful years at Studio Ichi Ban-Gai and other dance studios in Tokyo and throughout Japan, many of us have developed careers in the performing arts as dancers, choreographers, teachers, directors and studio owners. Others have gone on to careers in designing, management and the corporate world while others have married and raised families. Whatever the chosen path, we all share a common history as your former students…” Bowen said he is overwhelmed… “They are actually having the event in my old neighbourhood called Azabu Ju-Ban …

I plan to wear my TCI national costume.” Not only did Bowen dance and teach while in Japan; he created… “My last big production before I left was a Japanese language feature movie in which I co-starred called ‘Tonari no Bob Marley,’ I also wrote the theme song for the movie.” Next week is the Cultural holiday Bunka No Hi… Mr Bowen’s tribute night is planned for November 8th. Congratulations David Bowen!

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