Hon. Rufus Ewing outlines what he contends are the facts re:AG.

Following the governor’s office release, Hon. Rufus Ewing outlines what he contends are the true facts of the matter.

Disagreeing that his government is focused on the SIPT investigation only. Some of the deets disclosed are that on September 1, 2013, where he wrote to the then Governor, Ric Todd, asking him to rescind his decision to reappoint Huw Shepherd as Attorney General and that it be done in the Cabinet meeting of September 4th.

The Premier explained that the AG was absent at the September 4th Cabinet meeting and the Governor asked that the matter be dealt with at the next cabinet meeting to ensure the AG has an opportunity to defend himself.

The Premier further disclosed that on Sepetember 9, 2013 he instructed the Minister of Finance Hon. Washington Misick, to submit in writing a list of questions for the Attorney General to answer to which the Acting AG acknowledged receipt of and committed to have the requested information to the government in 3 weeks.

The Premier noted that up to date, the responses are yet to be received. In his continued timeline of the communication between himself and the former governor, the Premier explained that on September 11, 2013, Todd wrote to him requesting him to specifically state the legal reasons of concern with the AG. The premier described this request by the governor as a ‘red herring’ designed to distract him and his team from the intended questions as there were no specific legal concerns.

Hon. Ewing added that these questions in addition to others were asked of the AG in last week’s Cabinet sitting to which he failed to furnish the information requested.

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