It’s a back and forth that could prove to be of epic proportions for the Turks and Caicos Islands government… involving the Attorney General who is on the receiving end of strong accusations and criticisms from the PNP administration and the opposition PDM.

Both parties seemingly teaming up to this morning get some answers from the recently reappointed Huw Shepherd. They will do it when the House of Assembly convenes for meetings, where a battery of questions are expected to be leveled at Shephered who is accused of, among other things, lacking transparency.

On another note: the Governor’s office responds in this Huw Shepheard controversy… and it appears the elected officials are flogging a dead horse as the governor’s office has again issued a response saying the AG’s appointment was legal and he has done a good job since 2010 and will continue to do so until 2016.

This came, following Friday’s nationally aired press conference where the Premier spelled out areas of extreme dissatisfaction with the so called shallow and inadequate responses given by AG to cabinet questions asked… . The government in relation to the re-appointment of Huw Shepheard as the country’s Attorney General for a second season, has echoed slews of cries.

In response to the Premier’s complaints, that governor’s office release pointed out that all the questions asked by the Premier and Minister of Finance of the AG related only to the investigations associated with SIPT, and Civil Recovery and that the appropriate information requested will be provided according to the timetable laid out by the then Acting AG, Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles.

It was added that the information must be vetted to ensure that it does not inadvertently damage ongoing legal cases. The governor’s office response says, I quote, “Were Huw Shepheard to be removed from office (and no evidence of misconduct or incompetence has been provided), both the SIPT and Civil recovery programmes would clearly continue.”

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