SECOND LARGEST TOURIST MARKET for TCI being told of savage attack of a citizen in #GrandTurk

#Turks and Caicos, August 12, 2017 – Grand Turk – Again, the number one industry takes a big blow as thieves threaten our safe destination reputation over small sums of cash and cell phones and laptops. Petty thefts really…

Remember that case #MagneticMediaNews reported on earlier this week of a 67 year old man being assaulted by a man and woman… that he was found bloodied in Grand Turk?   Well it turns out it is not a Grand Turk senior.   It was a Canadian part time resident and his family is talking to media in Canada, spawning another damaging report about these islands.

The daughter of the man says she believes it was more than a robbery, more like attempted murder after the man was beaten, even reportedly with broken bones so severely in the Wednesday attack near Fisherman’s Paradise.   The family is trying to airlift the man who was detained at hospital in Grand Turk.

June, July now August… the TCI has been featured on major TV stations for all the wrong reasons; surging violent crimes against visitors to this UK overseas territory.   The US last month issued a Travel Advisory to its resident and visiting citizens.

Canadians are among the fastest growing long stay visitors to the #TurksandCaicosIslands… “we’re shooting ourselves in the foot.”


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