Yes, there are vaccine card fraudsters!

#TurksandCaicos, June 10, 2021 – The Upside is that taking the Covid19 vaccine has caused many States to relax restrictions in the US, the down side is it has also forced a spike in internet sales for fake vaccination cards. 

Some states have raised the penalty for buyers and sellers of the fraudulent vaccine cards; recognizing there is no honour in the honour system when it comes to some people who want to appear to have taken the vaccine. 

One report exposed a CVS pharmacy worker stole cards and was selling them to students forging immunization cards as a bonafide crime in some states is just a signature away, in New York criminalizing it is under strong consideration. 

The boom in fake COVID vaccine cards was the chief reason, TCI’s Health Minister, Hon E Jay Saunders informed that for now, only TCI vaccinated individuals would be permitted to enter the territory without the negative PCR test as of May 1st

The new law in the US, if activated, would apply to forgery of any immunization card, not only COVID-19.

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