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Haiti’s President Reveals the Mystery behind the Country’s Low Covid-19 Infection and Deaths

Haiti is one of the countries with stunningly low cases of Covid-19 patients and deaths in the world. Despite their weak healthcare systems, the country’s population continues with their normal day-to-day activities without wearing masks and keeping social distancing.

President of the Republic of Haiti, Jovenel Moise in a string of interviews including with Emmy Award winning journalist, Calvin Hughes (WSVN South Florida) pointed to Haiti’s relationship with mother nature. Specifically mentioning, a plant – Cerasee – that produces a certain type of tea made with ginger root that is ‘key’ to overcoming the Coronavirus. Even though Moise said he had witnessed the importance of the natural remedy, he explained there is no scientific confirmation it is keeping the virus at bay. 

Haiti missed nearly a million doses of  AstraZeneca in the first round of free vaccines just a month ago, and Mr. Moise says that even if they get the vaccines, they can’t force people to get a jab. Out of her over 11 Million population, the Caribbean country has recorded 13,164 cases, 1,892 hospitalizations, 12,154 recoveries, and only 263 deaths.

The country seems to be out of the grave grip of the ravaging coronavirus pandemic that has left many economies crumbling. While wearing a mask is the new norm globally, in Haiti, it makes one peculiar. 

The vast majority of People in Haiti still find it hard to believe the Coronavirus is a real public health emergency. As a result, they hold many social gatherings and festivals like in the pre-Covid era and get to restaurants unprotected. 

Being among the developing countries the Americas, most people in Haiti can hardly afford a few masks. And those who can foot up the cost of the mask can hardly find it in the market due to the high price tag and shortage in supply. 

While many rumors are going around social media networks concerning Hait’s resilience to the novel Coronavirus pandemic, none of the claims seem valid from a scientific standpoint. According to one of the locals the nation’s security is more of concern than the global pandemic.  After all, many still resist the existence of the Coronavirus.

Speaking of why the country has not yet procured Coronavirus doses and doesn’t seem to have a proper plan for procuring it soon, Haiti president Jovenel Moise mentioned their relationship with nature and the fact that millions believe the natural remedies prevent them contracting the Coronavirus. 

While the president said they locked their country for four months to keep the numbers down, experts lean more to a reputation of under-reporting. 

It has been offered that Haiti’s dramatically low covid-related case could be due to a combination government’s poor record-keeping and lack of testing sites. 

It remains remarkable however, as there are no reports of soaring death rates out of Haiti and that is a fact which would be impossible to hide.

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