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Elections Office: Packages ready since Monday; Voting symbols due 48-hours ahead of Nomination Day

#TurksandCaicosIslands – January 26, 2021 – The Elections Office had nomination packages ready since yesterday for political parties and candidates in the upcoming general election. 

“The Supervisor said “although many people have come forward and said that it is their intention to stand for election, they cannot do so unless they have met all the requirements stated in the nomination pack and they must submit the correctly completed application by the deadline and pay the required deposit of five hundred dollars ($500.00).”

These packs provide guidance to what is required on and before the nomination day, which is this coming Friday January 29, 2021 across the Turks and Caicos. 

“It includes detailed guidance notes about the requirements and a helpful checklist so that Candidates can ensure that their nomination papers has been properly completed, including all of the other required forms that must be submitted to either the Returning Officer or the Supervisor.

According to the election timetable, the Governor has issued the formal Writs for election.”

There was also notice about the parties’ symbols to be placed on the ballot. 

The law says that while political parties can present a recommendation on their symbol for use in the voting process, the Elections Supervisor could assign something else. 

The PDM uses the liberty bell.  The PNP uses the conch shell. 

“Section 28 (1) of the Ordinance stipulates “On or before the day fixed for nomination of Candidates under section 27, the secretary or other officer of a political party or an independent candidate may certify and file with the Supervisor a notice of request to use a particular voting symbol, which notice shall be in the form prescribed in the ordinance (Schedule 2).

(2) Within forty-eight hours after the close of nomination the Supervisor may allot a voting symbol to each candidate in such election: Provided that the same symbol shall be allotted to each candidate of the same political party.”

Independent candidates are also free to make recommendations but the final say lies with the Elections Supervisor. 

 “I will consider in good faith and give due regard to the desire of a political party or independent candidates to use a political symbol,” said Dudley Lewis, Elections Supervisor in a media statement issued on Monday.

Key to note, if these suggested symbols are not received two days ahead of the nomination day, then parties and individuals would have missed the stipulated deadline. 

“Once a timely notice has been received within 48 hours after the close of Nomination, the Supervisor will allot a voting symbol.

However, any notices received after Nomination Day will not meet with legislative timeline set out in section 28(1),” informed the notice.

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