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No charge for temporary housing domes says Bahamas Govt

#Bahamas – January 19, 2020 — The Bahamas Disaster Reconstruction Authority is working to provide temporary housing solutions for Bahamians displaced by Hurricane Dorian.

The Government has chosen to erect temporary dome structures as one of the solutions. Domes are under construction in Spring City, Abaco.

Additional domes are scheduled to arrive in the country by the end of the month. They will be made available to residents in the impacted areas who wish to place them on their properties as temporary residential structures while they repair or rebuild their homes.


The temporary domes are FREE of charge.  Information regarding the applications for the domes will be issued this week.

In addition, The Homes Repair Programme is another initiative designed to assist the people of Grand Bahama and Abaco to return to their residences.

The programme is scheduled to begin the first week of February. Residents will be able to use vouchers to purchase building materials and other items related to home restoration.

There will be four categories for which vouchers will be granted. Residents whose homes were assessed with minimal damage will be eligible for $2,500 in vouchers; those with medium damage will be eligible for $5,000 in vouchers; those with major damage will be eligible for $7,500 in vouchers; and those whose homes were destroyed will be eligible for $10,000 in vouchers.


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