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Turks and Caicos Post Cabinet Meeting Statement



#Providenciales, 24 December, 2019 – Turks and Caicos THis Excellency the Governor, Nigel Dakin, chaired the 31st meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday 18th December, at the Hilly Ewing Building, Providenciales. 

All Ministers were in attendance.

At this meeting Cabinet:

·         Approved a development agreement between BELB East Development Ltd and the TCI Government for the construction of beach cottages and a boutique resort on Beach Enclave, Providenciales;

·         Approved a development agreement between Windward Long Bay Ltd and the TCI Government for the construction of a mixture of ocean homes, lagoon villas, boat houses and condominiums on Long Bay, Providenciales and further action for TCI Government;

·         Approved the appointment of Mrs Mary Doreen Quelch-Missick as President of the Labour Tribunal for a period three years with effect from 1 January 2020 and further action to handle outstanding applications;

·         Welcomed and discussed a Criminal Justice Stakeholder’s Group Strategic Plan and Actin Plan 2020-2023;

·         Approved a paper setting out pre-emptive visa conditions for Venezuelan nationals and discussed the need for the Minister of Immigration to review the Ministry’s 2018 policy on Venezuelans in response to the recent update to the UNHRC Guidance Note on the Outflow of Venezuelans;

·         Approved a 99 year lease to Desarrollos Hotelsco Turks and Caicos Ltd. for Crown Land Parcels 60905/214, 215 and 60906/227 on Leeward Going Through, Providenciales;

·         Approved for Crown Land parcel 60003/231 at Northwest and North Central Providenciales to go out to tender for the development of a public cemetery;

·         Approved for Crown Land Parcel 61113/341, Providenciales to go out to tender;

·         Approved a request from the Airports Authority to reallocate existing funds ($250,000) from within its FY 2019/20 Capital Budget;

·         Approved a variation to the terms of a lease of Crown Land Parcels 20313/22, 23 and 24 on South Caicos offered to Fortis TCI Ltd. in accordance with the 1986 Take Over Agreement;

·         Approved a three year lease for accommodation on Providenciales for HE the Governor with effect from 1 January 2020;

·         Welcomed an Information Paper on the stony coral disease and discussed in-depth the need for urgent decision on recommended treatments to the disease;

·         Informed of waivers granted for the quarter July to September 2019 under the Public Procurement ordinance, Section 21;

·         Agreed on amendments required to the proposed Notary Public Bill for consideration by Cabinet early in the New Year;

·         Discussed in-depth a paper on the FortisTCI Rate Variation Application and agreed on next steps early in the New Year;

·         Noted a draft Population Policy report dated December 2019;

·         Approved an application from Jamal Williams for a license to use the parking lot at the Lighthouse on Grand Turk to host an annual Christmas event;

·         Approved planning application PR 12606 by Emerald Point Ltd. to remove and replace three existing T-head groynes with a single terminal groyne in Leeward Marina, Providenciales;

·         Approved a request from the Integrity Commission to reallocate existing funds ($170,000) from within its FY 2019/20 budget;

·         Approved a lease agreement of the Franklyn Missick Buildings on Grand Turk for a period of two years for use by the Ministry of Education;

·         Were informed of issues affecting the ferry service between Providenciales and Parrot Cay and agreed urgent action required;

·         Discussed the issue of fires at the municipal waste facility on Providenciales and urgent action required;

Further information on these matters will be provided by Ministers in due course.

Release: TCIG

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ScotiaBank Turks & Caicos Awarded Best Consumer Digital Bank 2021



Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Island – September 24, 2021 – Scotiabank TCI has been named the “Best Consumer Digital Bank 2021” by Global Finance (New York), which regularly selects the top performers amongst banks and financial services and is a trusted standard of excellence for the global financial community.

In commenting on the award, Patricia Adams, Managing Director (Acting), Scotiabank TCI said, “Supporting our customers during the ongoing uncertainties remains our top priority and we are thrilled that our significant focus and investments in our digital banking platforms continue to yield positive results.”

“During this period, we have continuously relied on feedback from our customers about their specific personal or business needs and we remain committed to further improvements as we aim to make it easier and safer for them to conduct their banking” Adams concluded.

Some of the most recent investments include the expansion of the capabilities of the Scotiabank Mobile App, upgrades made to the Bank’s ABM network to include intelligent deposit machines and the use of digital analytics to anticipate customer needs and deliver personalized financial solutions.

Winning banks were selected based on the following criteria: strength of strategy  for attracting and servicing digital customers, success in getting clients to use digital  offerings, growth of digital customers, breadth of product offerings, evidence of tangible benefits gained from digital initiatives, and web/mobile site design and functionality. Read more about the awards here.

Scotiabank TCI’s award for “Best Consumer Digital Bank” follows another recent global recognition for innovation in financial services by The Banker’s Global Innovation in Digital Banking Awards 2021. The ‘Most Innovative in Data’ award acknowledges the Bank’s investments in data and analytics, as well as its commitment to delivering a more personalized customer experience.

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COVID Works programme launched by Ministry of Physical Planning & Infrastructure Development



#TurksandCaicos, September 21, 2021 – The Minister of Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development, the Honourable Akierra Mary Deanne Missick and the Physical Planning & Infrastructure Development team are pleased to announce the launch of the COVID WORKS Programme, that went live on September 1, 2021.

The Programme seeks to support many who have lost jobs and livelihoods, while providing labour intensive work for economic exchange opportunities for persons to be engaged.

Works are set out in three (3) levels and comprise a variety of categories example, cleaning, road works, demolition and general construction to name a few.

Level 1 – value $1,500 – $9,999

Level 2 – value $10,000 – $39,999

Level 3 – value $40,000 – $70,000

Turks and Caicos Islanders with valid business licenses are also being encouraged to submit proposals to the Public Works Department for consideration for works throughout the islands. 

Commenting on the launch of the programme, Hon. Missick said, “We are very much mindful of the impact that restrictions introduced by Government in an effort to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, has had on the islands, many continue to experience financial hardship. Whilst, the hospitality and construction sectors in Providenciales have rebounded well, as an Administration, we cannot rest knowing that other industries are still limping along.

As a result, during the remainder of this financial year, the Turks & Caicos Islands Government has now launched the COVID Works Programme to provide an opportunity for Petty and Small Contractors to assist the Government in the enhancement of our communities, through programmed works, to the benefit of all of us as residents”.

The Minister went on to note, “This Programme is set to the tune of US$5,000,000.00, and works will be rolled out across the Islands in batches, as we have to ensure that we do not go beyond the allotted expenditure and that financial oversight and transparency are maintained.”

The initial batch of works for South Caicos, which comprised the following, was returned and evaluated on Monday, September 13, 2021 and included:

South Caicos 

Demolition- Queen’s Shed

Demolition- Distribution Concrete Tank

Demolition- Old Clinic Building

Demolition- DECR Building

Demolition- Library Building

Repair of Water Cistern

Works for Grand Turk included:

Grand Turk 

Demolition- Blood Bank Building

Demolition- Geriatric Ward Building

Demolition- Kitchen Building

Demolition- X-ray Building

All returning bids must be sent to the COVID Works email at

Kindly note that as of Monday, September 20, 2021, the following works are planned to be released:

Grand Turk: 

Beach Cleaning (Eastern portion of Grand Turk)

Street Cleaning (All areas)


Beach cleaning (Areas of Shore Club and Five Cays)

Street Cleaning (All areas)

A number of other works for Middle & North Caicos, as well as Salt Cay will be released shortly. This is a six month program that will spread throughout the TCI and we encourage persons to continue to register via or the local Public Works Department and District Commissioners’ offices, to be eligible for this opportunity.

These works will continue on a monthly basis and the programme will come to an end in March 2022.

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Grandstanding at best – Hon. Jameka Williams



#TurksandCaicos, September 21, 2021 – Response to Mr. Robert Been Jr. – People’s Democratic Movement All Island Candidate 2016 and 2021 “Where is the Wo’k you promised PNP?”

Like some of you, I have the opportunity to read the statements that has been published by Mr. Robert Been asking the government where is the work. I can only describe this as a classic case of grandstanding. The issues highlighted by Mr. Been are areas of concern in our country, however these issues did not begin yesterday nor did they became a concern seven months ago. I’d like to remind Mr. Been that these same concerns were there during his former governing party the PDM. The previous government did nothing to address these concerns in their four year tenure. Where was your voice then Mr. Been? As a matter of fact, where was your voice the four years prior?

As it relates to education, the issues with spaces in Schools has been heightened as a lot of families can not afford the cost of private institutions since the pandemic, so there is now a high demand for seats in the public schools. Our government is working closely with the private Institutions with a subsidy program to address those needs. Again, this issue existed under the former government before the pandemic but they made no attempt to address it. In addition under your former administration, schools were closed for over one year with no plan on sight for its reopening. Our children have regressed and many repeating to catch up on the year lost.

On September 1, 2021 our government announced the new protocols and measures as it relates to Covid 19. Yes, there are concerns being expressed by the citizens and business owners as it relates to the impact of those decisions. I would like to inform you to that these decisions were not made alone. Stakeholders were engaged in these conversations and I have also accompanied the Hon. Jamel Robinson to sit downs with various groups of business owners to provide feedback, listen and take recommendations.

Countries around the world are imposing stiffer penalties and measures to help with the control of Covid 19 virus and the TCI is no different. We’ve seen reports published of cancellations that we believe are flawed to bully the government into reversing the decisions made. Our government has a responsibility to protect life and livelihood. There are decisions that are sometimes tough to make but it is our responsibility to make them no matter how unpopular. In time, the people of this country will see the benefit of those decisions concerning what’s happening around the world in even more developed countries as it relates to COVID-19.

Mr. Been, I would like for you to know that the island of Grand Turk was in a state of devastation since the storm of 2017 under the tenure of your government. There was an outcry for years by its residents. The cruise industry is at a standstill. However, I’d like to inform you that during our budget debates this current government has passes 8.3 million dollars for all the islands with 3 million ring fenced for Grand Turk alone in works and cash grant injections. The Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure Development has as of September 1, 2021 rolled out its contract program for works around the islands particularly in the Nation’s Capital.

Since the closer of the cruise sector in Grand Turk, the former administration had little to no engagement with Carnival partners on a plan to jump start that industry. It is extremely commendable that our government took the initiative to host a town hall meeting with all persons involved in the cruise industry in June 2021. Additional the Premier is in constant dialogue with Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean has now expressed an internet in having Grand Turk as one of their destinations.

Mr. Been, it is widely rumored that you may have an interest in Leadership of the PDM during the next convention. You are a personal friend of mine and I wish you well on your endeavors as this is a noble profession. However, my advice to you would be to offer solution based arguments so that the electorate sees your strength and potential instead of pointing fingers and grandstanding. Admittedly you mentioned that the elections are over. But are they really for you? As a government we do not have all the answers but I assure you that the decisions made are in the best interest of all of us including you. Hold on, better days are ahead.


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