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Turks and Caicos Post Cabinet Meeting Statement

#Providenciales, 24 December, 2019 – Turks and Caicos THis Excellency the Governor, Nigel Dakin, chaired the 31st meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday 18th December, at the Hilly Ewing Building, Providenciales. 

All Ministers were in attendance.

At this meeting Cabinet:

·         Approved a development agreement between BELB East Development Ltd and the TCI Government for the construction of beach cottages and a boutique resort on Beach Enclave, Providenciales;

·         Approved a development agreement between Windward Long Bay Ltd and the TCI Government for the construction of a mixture of ocean homes, lagoon villas, boat houses and condominiums on Long Bay, Providenciales and further action for TCI Government;

·         Approved the appointment of Mrs Mary Doreen Quelch-Missick as President of the Labour Tribunal for a period three years with effect from 1 January 2020 and further action to handle outstanding applications;

·         Welcomed and discussed a Criminal Justice Stakeholder’s Group Strategic Plan and Actin Plan 2020-2023;

·         Approved a paper setting out pre-emptive visa conditions for Venezuelan nationals and discussed the need for the Minister of Immigration to review the Ministry’s 2018 policy on Venezuelans in response to the recent update to the UNHRC Guidance Note on the Outflow of Venezuelans;

·         Approved a 99 year lease to Desarrollos Hotelsco Turks and Caicos Ltd. for Crown Land Parcels 60905/214, 215 and 60906/227 on Leeward Going Through, Providenciales;

·         Approved for Crown Land parcel 60003/231 at Northwest and North Central Providenciales to go out to tender for the development of a public cemetery;

·         Approved for Crown Land Parcel 61113/341, Providenciales to go out to tender;

·         Approved a request from the Airports Authority to reallocate existing funds ($250,000) from within its FY 2019/20 Capital Budget;

·         Approved a variation to the terms of a lease of Crown Land Parcels 20313/22, 23 and 24 on South Caicos offered to Fortis TCI Ltd. in accordance with the 1986 Take Over Agreement;

·         Approved a three year lease for accommodation on Providenciales for HE the Governor with effect from 1 January 2020;

·         Welcomed an Information Paper on the stony coral disease and discussed in-depth the need for urgent decision on recommended treatments to the disease;

·         Informed of waivers granted for the quarter July to September 2019 under the Public Procurement ordinance, Section 21;

·         Agreed on amendments required to the proposed Notary Public Bill for consideration by Cabinet early in the New Year;

·         Discussed in-depth a paper on the FortisTCI Rate Variation Application and agreed on next steps early in the New Year;

·         Noted a draft Population Policy report dated December 2019;

·         Approved an application from Jamal Williams for a license to use the parking lot at the Lighthouse on Grand Turk to host an annual Christmas event;

·         Approved planning application PR 12606 by Emerald Point Ltd. to remove and replace three existing T-head groynes with a single terminal groyne in Leeward Marina, Providenciales;

·         Approved a request from the Integrity Commission to reallocate existing funds ($170,000) from within its FY 2019/20 budget;

·         Approved a lease agreement of the Franklyn Missick Buildings on Grand Turk for a period of two years for use by the Ministry of Education;

·         Were informed of issues affecting the ferry service between Providenciales and Parrot Cay and agreed urgent action required;

·         Discussed the issue of fires at the municipal waste facility on Providenciales and urgent action required;

Further information on these matters will be provided by Ministers in due course.

Release: TCIG

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