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JAIS donates $4,000 Cash To Inpatients at TCI Hospital

#Providenciales, 28 December, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – A group of predominantly acute-care inpatients on the general wards at Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital received a surprise Christmas giveaway of $400 cash each, courtesy of JAIS. 

Interhealth Canada (IHC), the private health care management company of the facility, held a press conference to announce and distribute the donation to patient rooms on Friday, December 20th 2019. Remarks were given by Nikira John, IHC Public Relations and Marketing Manager, Daniel Carriere, IHC Chief Executive Officer and Manish Lalwani, Representative of JAIS, respectively.

Patients were selected by clinical leaders based on a criteria, which also covered their medical and personal circumstances.  The eight recipients were De Vera Jose, 66, Daniel Kerns, 69, Elizabeth Mckenzie, 64, Ella Miller, 91, Beverly Fulford, 67, Stanley Stubbs, 81, Philip Lewis, 65, and Jasmin Moreau, 51. The group comprise of persons from all walks of life, medical challenges, nationalities and different personal circumstances.

The inpatients were unaware of the value and in some cases, the nature of the giveaway. Seven of the inpatients were based at Cheshire Hall Medical Centre and a single inpatient at Cockburn Town Medical Centre. The latter facility is smaller and statistically has a lower volume of inpatients.

JAIS donated a total of $4,000. The total value of the cash giveaways equated to $3,200. The remaining balance of $800 will be used along with an additional $1,000 donation from another benevolent donor to purchase care packages for non-acute care inpatients. The initiative will be entitled Operation Gratitude Part II and is scheduled for early 2020.

InterHealth Canada – TCI Hospital expressed gratitude to JAIS Jewelers for the partnership and generous initiative. The cash recipients were elated and expressed appreciation for the kindhearted gesture.

Release: InterHealthCanada

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