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TCI: Education addresses rumors of a teacher shortage

#Providenciales, October 3, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – The new school year in the Turks and Caicos did start with a teacher shortage in the public education system; only seven vacancies according to a Ministry of Education in an issued explanation.

“Due to late resignations, delayed applications for study leave and teacher transfers, the school year started with a number of teacher vacancies in a few of the public schools.”

The Ministry itemised six actions it has taken to eradicate the recurring problem at public schools, including:  keeping track of those teachers who are end of their contract terms to determine if there is to be renewal or retirement of the agreement; teachers were also required to physically present themselves – this year – on Monday August 26, 2019.

Ongoing recruitment by human resources and a back-up list of substitute teachers are methods of dealing with teacher shortfalls.

“In instances where it is proving difficult to recruit a teacher or it is determined that it will take some time for the newly recruited teacher to arrive in country, the Department of Education maintains a database of persons who have shown interest in short-term service.  These persons are called upon to act as substitute teachers until a full-time teacher is recruited to the post.”

In the end the Ministry of Education assures support is provided to the schools in instances where there is a shortage to ensure education of primary and high school students is continuous. 

“Contrary to disparaging rumours which is being circulated on social media, the number of teacher vacancies which exist throughout the public schools are less than 7from a total number of319 teachers throughout the publics schools in the TCI,” said the MoEYCSLs.

TCIG, according to that media statement, has over the past three years awarded 25 teacher scholarships; seven of those awards were made this year. 



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