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TCI: Premier cries shame on Opposition for comments on FortisTCI application

#Providenciales, September 23, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – There is no conspiracy of country leaders when it comes to the rate increase application of electricity provider, FortisTCI says Premier Sharlene Robinson, who over the weekend responded to Magnetic Media questions about the status of the review.

Premier Robinson was strong in her response, saying the Opposition Leader should be ashamed of his tactics in a process which is yet incomplete.

“The Cabinet did not agree the rate increase and has on many occasions stated this publicly and the fact that a Cost of Service had been commissioned to better understand the cost of electricity.”

The Premier also minced no words about other comments from Washington Misick as he addressed media in a news conference last week.

“To suggest this is a farce is in poor taste and is regrettably in line with the gutter politics the Opposition is fast becoming known for. This suggestion put forth by the Opposition suggests a collusion of sorts with the Independent Inquirer and not just one Governor, but two. Utter rubbish.”

It was reported in the TCI Sun that its sources have shared that the rate application was recommended as ‘fair’ and it has islanders wondering what happens now.

“The former Governor wrote to Fortis along these lines. Fortis as provided for under the Law, called for an Inquiry where an Independent Inquirer was appointed. The Opposition knows full well that Inquirers are not appointed by the Government but by the Governor and are independent of the Governor and the Government,” said the Premier in a succinct recap of the chain of events.

“The public was invited to make representations during hearings to feed into the Inquirer’s Report. The Inquirer has since given his Report to the Governor and it is being considered in light of the additional reports and information received.”

Magnetic Media also reached out to the Governor of the Turks and Caicos, Nigel Dakin who is prepared to make a statement jointly with other members of the Cabinet.

In the end though, the Premier and Finance Minister, Sharlene Robinson added, “The Opposition Leader is again giving alternative “facts”. There is no agreement as to a rate neither would we participate in a farce. The Opposition is trying to muddy the facts and it must be made clear that the only reason this matter went to an Inquiry is because the Government refused to agree it when the application was made. I need not defend the Governor or the Inquirer who had control at different times of the Independent process.  Shame on the Opposition!”

FortisTCI has also opted not to join in this particular public debate; declining comment at this stage. 




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