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BAHAMAS: BPL Restoration Notice

#Nassau, September 3, 2019 – Bahamas – After a tough couple of days, Bahamas Power and Light Company Ltd. (BPL) wishes to assure our customers that we feel their frustration. We apologize for the instability of the power supply in New Providence. We continue to work to return all customers to service, and to keep them supplied. While New Providence did not suffer a direct blow from Hurricane Dorian, heavy storm-related wind and rain driven by the “feeder bands” have presented challenges for our recovery efforts.

Yesterday at around 3:30AM there was an island-wide outage. We worked through the morning and most of the day and were able to restore power to the vast majority of our customers in New Providence. Overnight, however, the situation deteriorated once again.

At present, there are three circuits that have a major fault, which means the entire line will have to be fully inspected. Those areas are off until a team can patrol those lines, locate and correct the fault and then re-energize those lines. They are:

· Prince Charles West – Gleniston Gardens, Sandilands Village, western portion of New Providence

· Wulff Rd. up to Mt. Royal Avenue

· South West Bay Road, South Ocean, Albany, Adelaide, NPD Well Fields, Coral Lakes, Coral Heights West, Coral Harbour, Coral Heights East

Also, due to the location of the power lines, both Seabreeze and South Beach have had extended outages. The lines are difficult to access, which has been exacerbated by storm conditions.

In addition to these areas, there are dozens of area outages that are related to clashing power lines and other issues due to the heavy wind and rain associated with the storm. We continue to work diligently to restore power to all customers in a safe and efficient manner.

Thank you and stay safe.

Release: BPL

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