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NEMA – 2019 ALL Bahamas Emergency Shelter Listing

#Nassau, Augus 1, 2019 – Bahamas – 2019 ALL BAHAMAS EMERGENCY SHELTER LISTING

EASTERN DISTRICT                                                               ADDRESS

  1. Canon Neil E. Roach Hall,                                            Highbury Park

Holy Cross Anglican Church           

  • Fox Hill Community Centre                                         Fox Hill Road
  • New Dimensions Ministries                                          Joe Farrington Road
  • Pilgrim Baptist Temple                                                  St. James Road
  • The Anglican Church of the Epiphany                       Prince Charles Drive
  • The Salvation Army                                                      Mackey Street

SOUTHWESTERN DISTRICT                                        ADDRESS                                        

  • Agape Full Gospel Baptist Church                            Kennedy Subdivision
  • All Saints Community Centre,                                                         

All Saints Anglican Parish                                                     Joan’s Heights

  • Berea Seventh-Day Adventist Church                           Blue Hill Road
  • Good News Seventh-Day Adventist Church                 Flamingo Gardens
  • Love Worth Finding Ministries                                      Golden Isles Road
  • New Bethlehem Baptist Church                            Independence Drive
  • Remnant Tabernacle of Praise                                          Carmichael Road
  • Southwest Cathedral Church of God                                 Carmichael Road

CENTRAL DISTRICT                                                                  ADDRESS                                

  1. Calvary Baptist Church (Haitian)                                  West Avenue
  2. Centerville Seventh-Day Adventist Church                 5th Terrace
  3. Church of God of Prophecy                                             East Street
  4. Ebenezer Mission Baptist Evangelistic Church        St. Charles Vincent Street
  5. Grant’s Town Seventh-Day Adventist Church              Wellington Street
  6. Rev. Dr O. A. Pratt Educational Building,                      Meeting Street

St. John’s Native Baptist Church

  • Samuel & Cornella Williams Community Centre,                        Meadow Street

The Salvation Army

WESTERN DISTRICT                                                                        ADDRESS

  • Bahamas Cooperative Public Officers Union                 Farrington Road
  • Hillview Seventh-Day Adventist Church                        Tonique Williams Darling Hwy.        
  • Mount Moriah Baptist Church                                         Farrington Road
  • New Providence Community Centre                                Blake Road
  • St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church                                Western Road


EASTERN DISTRICT                                                                                   ADDRESS             

  1. Epworth Hall, Ebenezer Methodist Church                    Shirley street                    

(for use by Homeless & People with Physical Disabilities)

  • Church Of God Convention Centre                             Joe Farrington Road

(for use by Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre)   

WESTERN DISTRICT                                                                    ADDRESS                                                  

  • Sir Kendal G. L. Isaacs Gymnasium                    Mychal Thompson Blvd.

(for use by Princess Margaret Hospital)

ISLAND SHELTER INFORMATION                                       

North Abaco Amy Roberts Primary School Location: Green Turtle Cay, Abaco

  Faith Walk Church of God (Community Centre) Location: Cooper’s Town, Abaco

  Fox Town Primary (Pre-School) Location: Fox Town, Abaco

  Grand Cay All Age (Pre-School) Location: Grad Cay, Abaco

  Grand Cay All Age (Middle School) Location: Grand Cay, Abaco

Central Abaco   Central Abaco Primary School Location: Dundas Town, Abaco

  Abaco Central High School Location: Murphy Town

  Man-O-War Public Primary School Location: Man-O-War Cay, Abaco
  Guana Cay All Age School Location: Guana Cay, Abaco

  Hope Town Primary School Location: Hope Town, Abaco

South Abaco   Soul Seeking Ministries Location: Moore’s Island, Abaco

  Moore’s Island All Age School Location: Moore’s Island, Abaco

  Sandy Point Community Centre Location: Earnest Dean Highway, Abaco
  Crossing Rocks Primary School Location: Crossing Rocks, Abaco

  Assemblies of God Church Location: Cherokee Rocks, Abaco

Acklins Community Centre Location: Spring Point, Acklins

  Chester’s Bay Centre Location: Chester’s Bay, Acklins

  Command Centre (Spring Point Police Station) Location: Spring Point, Acklins

  Joshua Kingdom Ministries Location: Pine Field, Acklins

North Andros   Clara E. Evans Primary School Location: Nicholl’s Town, Andros

  Command Centre (Police Station) Location: Nicholl’s Town

  First Baptist Church Location: San Andros, Andros

  B. A. Newton Primary Location: Red Bays, Andros

  Church of God of Prophecy Location: North Mastic Point, Andros
  BARTAD Building Location: B. A. R. C. Community

Central Andros St. Bartholomew Location: Behring Point, Central Andros

  Church Of God Location: Cargill Creek, Central Andros

  Pentecostal Church Location: Bowen Sound, Central Andros

  Catholic Church Location: Fresh Creek, Central Andros

  Miracle Revival Location: Calabash Bay, Central Andros

  Mt. Sinai Baptist Location: Calabash Bay, Central Andros
  Mt. Ethel Baptist Location: Love Hill, Central Andros

  Highway Pentecostal Location: Blanket Sound, Central Andros

  Love At First Sight Location: Stafford Creek, Central Andros

South Andros   South Andros Senior Home Location: Kemp’s Bay, South Andros
  Cleola McKenzie Preschool Location: Long Bay Cays

  Rev. Euthal Rodgers Primary Location: Deep Creek, South Andros

  St. Paul Baptist Church Location: Black Point, South Andros

  Friendship Baptist Church Location: The Bluff, South Andros

Mangrove Cay Andros Burnt Rock Primary School Location: Burnt Rock, Mangrove Cay, Andros

  Mangrove Cay High School Location: Swain’s, Mangrove Cay, Andros

  St. Peter’s Baptist Church Location: Little Harbour, Mangrove Cay, Andros

Berry Islands   Church of God of Prophecy Location: Bullocks Islands, Bullocks Harbour

Bimini & Cat Cay Gateway Gymnasium Location: Kings Hwy, Bailey Town

  Transformation Diaspora Church Location: Queen’s Hwy, Bailey Town

  Former Gov’t Clinic Location: King’s Hwy, Alice Town

  B.U.B. Hall Location: Queen’s Hwy, Alice Town
  Bimini Big Game Location: King’s Hwy, Alice Town

Cat Island St. Mark’s Baptist Church Location: Port Howe, Cat Island

  Zion Baptist Church Location: McQueen’s, Cat Island

  Zion Baptist Church Location: Cheer Road, Cat Island

  Mt. Sinai Location: New Bight, Cat Island

  Holy Redeemer Catholic Church Location: New Bight, Cat Island

  Lovely Zion Baptist Church Location: The Bluff, Cat Island

  St. Andrew’s Anglican Location: Arthur’s Town, Cat Island

  Sea View Seventh-Day Adventist Location: Wilson Bay, Cat Island
Crooked Island / Long Cay Ezekiel Thompson Hall Location: Cabbage Hill, Crooked Island

  Church of God of Prophecy Location: Cripple Hill, Crooked Island

  Don Leadon’s Residence Location: Albert Town, Long Cay

  All Saints Anglican Church/Priest Residence Location: Church Grove, Crooked Island

  Command Centre Location: Administrator Residence

North Eleuthera   The Haitian People Church Location: The Bluff, North Eleuthera

  Charles Wesley Methodist Church Location: Lower Bogue, North Eleuthera

  Mission Church of God Location: Upper Bogue, North Eleuthera

  The Current Community Center Location: The Current, North Eleuthera

  Zion Methodist Church Location: Current Island, Eleuthera

  Lighthouse Church of God Location: Harbour Island, Eleuthera

  New Alliance Church of God Location: Harbour Island, Eleuthera

  Harbour Island Public Library Location: Harbour Island, Eleuthera

Central Eleuthera Salvation Army Location: Palmetto Point, Eleuthera

  Church of the Nazarene  Location: Palmetto Point, Eleuthera

  Emily G. Petty Primary School Location: Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera

  Camp Symonette Location: James Cistern, Gregory Town, Eleuthera

  George E. Johnson Memorial  Location: Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera

South Eleuthera   Church of God of Prophecy Location: Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera

  Rock Sound Primary School Location: Rock Sound, Eleuthera

  Green Castle Primary School Location: Green Castle, Eleuthera

  Wemyss Bight Primary School Location: Wemyss Bight, Eleuthera

  Deep Creek Primary School Location: Deep Creek, Eleuthera

  St. Mary the Virgin Church Location:  Bannerman Town, Eleuthera

Exuma and Cays St. Mary’s Anglican Church Location: Williams Town, Exuma

  St. Peter’s Union Baptist Church Location: Forbes Hill, Exuma

  St. Theresa’s Catholic Church Location: George Town, Exuma

  St. Andrew’s Community Centre Location: George Town, Exuma

  Exuma Resource Centre Location: Hooper’s Bay, Exuma

  Mt. Olive Union Baptist Church Location: Hartswell, Exuma

  Bethel Union Baptist Church Location: Ramsey, Exuma

  Mt. Herman Union Baptist Church Location: Mt. Thompson, Exuma

  Palestine Union Baptist Church Location: The Forest, Exuma

  Ebenezer Baptist Church Location: Farmer’s Hill, Exuma

  St. Margaret’s Anglican Church Location: Harts/Steventon, Exuma

  Calvary Mission Baptist Church Location: Rolleville, Exuma

  Mt. Sinai Union Baptist Church Location: Stuart Manor, Exuma

  Ebenezer Union Baptist Church Location: Barraterre, Exuma

  St. Luke’s Baptiat Church / Airport Terminal Building Location: Black Point, Exuma

  Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Location: Staniel Cay, Exuma

  St. Mary’s Baptist Church Location: Farmer’s Cay, Exuma

Grand Bahama   Foster B. Pestaina Centre Pro-Cathedral of Christ the King (Special Needs Shelter) Location: East Atlantic Drive and Pioneers Way, GB

  First Baptist Church Hall Location: Columbus Drive and Nansen Avenue, Grand Bahama

  Central Church of God Hall Location: Coral Road, Grand Bahama

  Maurice Moore Primary School Location: Sandcombe Drive, Grand Bahama

  Church of God of Prophecy Location: Sea Grape, Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama

  Freeport Seventh-Day Adventist Church Location: Gambier and Beach Way Drive, Grand Bahama

  Cancer Association Location: West Atlantic, Grand Bahama

  Shiloh Seventh-Day Adventist Church Location: Torcross Road, Grand Bahama

  Mt. Zion Baptist Church Location: Martin Town, Grand Bahama

Inagua St. Philips Community Center Location: Smith Street, Matthew Town, Great Inagua

  Zion Baptist Community Center Location: Albert Street, Matthew Town, Great Inagua

  New Life Seventh-Day Adventist Location: Kortwright and Russell Street, Matthew Town

Long Island   Community Centre  Location: Clarence Town

  Holy Family Anglican Church Location: Mortimer’s, Long Island

  Assemblies of God Location: Salt Pond, Long Island

  Holy Cross Anglican Church Location: Hamilton’s, Long Island

  Salem Baptist Church Location: Miller’s, Long Island

  Seymour’s Gospel Chapel Location: Seymour’s, Long Island

  St. John’s Anglican Church Location: Buckley’s, Long Island

  Highway Church of God Location: Doctor’s Creek, Long Island

Mayaguana   Berea Mission Church Bahamas Evangelic Church Association Location: Pirates Hill, Mayaguana

  St. James Native Baptist Church Location: Abraham’s Bay, Mayaguana

  St. John’s Particular Church of Native Baptist Churches in The Bahamas Location: Abraham’s Bay, Mayaguana

Ragged Island Holy Innocents Anglican Church Location: Ragged Island

San Salvador Fellowship In Christ Church Location: Cockburn Town, San Salvador

Rum Cay   Gerace Research Centre Location: United Estates, San Salvador

PLEASE NOTE: Changes in listing and location of shelters will be made if need be.

For more information contact: Lindsay Thompson, Public Information Officer

Email: or or

Contacts: 242-322-6081/5 or 242-361-5569 or 242-376-2042

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