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TCI: Nearly 200 DUI infractions in eight weeks as Operation Drive Safe continues


Providenciales, May 4, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – The number of motorists booked for driving under the influence of alcohol continue to be high, but not has high as the initial week of Operation Drive Safe. 

The TCI Police led initiative is a partnership with the Department of Substance Abuse and Mental Health of the Ministry of Health and over eight weeks, there were warnings, arrests and tickets.

National Security Council meeting figures reveal, “Between 10 February and 7 April, Operation Drive Safe had resulted in 177 tickets being issued for trafficking violations, 57 people warned of prosecution, 22 arrested…”

It reflects a slowing trend when compared to the first seven days of Operation Drive Safe; a trend which hopefully reflects that people are now dissuaded from ‘drinking and driving’.

Magnetic Media reported at the start of the initiative which is bolstered by law and supported by the allowance of on-the-scene breathalyzer tests that, 376 tickets had been issued and 45 people warned of prosecution.

The Operation Drive Safe is also effective in illegal migration round-ups; in the first NSC meeting it was said that 11 illegal immigrants were arrested.  In the meeting of April 24, it was reported that 56 illegal immigrants were arrested.



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