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TCI: Blue Hills man to be honoured when Post Office is opened

#Providenciales, March 13, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Another public building will be named in honour of a Turks and Caicos pioneer and the story set to be told at the official opening of the new post office in Providenciales will be an eye-opener as we all get to know the late, George Brown.

George Brown is on record as the country’s first postmaster and so passionate was he about his work, that he left the legacy of the job with his daughter who continued to carry the baton after Mr. Brown died back in the 1950s, 1960s.

Magnetic Media is told Bill ‘A Man for All Seasons” Clare did the research and helped the Ministry of Home Affairs to bring to light the life of a man who was a true multi-tasker and valiant public servant. 

George Brown was the postmaster, the preacher at the Methodist Church and the district constable for Blue Hills.  The late Mr. Brown would register births and deaths, was the foreman for government works and the paymaster; he was custodian of government properties, chairman of the district board, he sold water from the government tanks and he also kept law and order.

The new post office is a gleaming standard in modern Turks and Caicos construction for public buildings.  We will all learn more in a matter of weeks, when the new facility at the old site on Airport Road, is commissioned for public use.      




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