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TCI National Security Council Meeting

#Providenciales, February 8, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – His Excellency the Governor, Dr John Freeman, and the Hon. Premier, Mrs Sharlene Cartwright Robinson, co-chaired a meeting of the TCI National Security Council (NSC) on Friday, 1 February 2019, at the Hon. Hilly Ewing Building in Providenciales.  

In attendance as members of the NSC were the Hon. Deputy Premier, the Hon. Minister for Home Affairs, the Hon. Attorney General, the Hon. Deputy Governor and the Commissioner of Police.  

At this meeting the NSC: 

  • Received up-dates from the Commissioner of Police on:  

–      Crime statistics for TCI overall had a fallen by 6% for the third quarter measured year-on-year, though there had been a concerning spike in reported crime levels in Grand Turk;

–      Operation Drive Safe had so far resulted in 376 tickets being issued, 45 people warned of prosecution and eleven illegal migrants arrested;

–      There would be a significant addition to the fleet of police vehicles from mid-February. Tenders for additional CCTV cameras and a replacement Police plane had been issued;

–      Additional training for Police Supervisors is currently being delivered by the Miami Beach Police Force and new digital forensics laboratory training would commence shortly;

–      Reported on the need for additional resources to enhance border control and related operational needs of the Police.

  • Received an update from the Deputy Premier on:

–      Sloop landings in Salt Cay and Grand Turk January led to 187 and 132 illegal immigrants being detained respectively. Both the Police and Immigration would be examining ways to increase maritime patrols, including through co-operation with the Bahamas.

–      Considered how to ensure improved training for and vetting of privately employed security guards on Grand Turk;

–      Commitment to identify additional funds to boost border security infrastructure. 

–      Noted that Operation Guardian was having a positive impact. The Deputy Premier and Commissioner of Police would together analyse how best to develop this Operation’s impact going forward; 

–      Given security-related concerns about the adequacy of street lighting in certain parts of Providenciales especially, HE the Governor and the Premier would seek an exploratory meeting with Fortis TCI. 

  • Received an update from the Minister of Home Affairs on the situation at HM Prison on:

–      Review of planned works;

–      The disturbance in HM Prison on 25 January;

–      Staffing and security issues;

  • Received an update from the Premier on the draft National Security Strategy (NSS);

–      Strategy meetings had been conducted; the draft NSS is due to be completed by the 3rd week of February.

  • Received an Update from HE the Governor on security assistance from the UK, including for border security:

–      HE the Governor drew attention to training and other support already provided  by the UK Government in support of enhanced border security. He noted that other training would be coming on stream and that an expert team would be examining maritime security in the course of a visit to TCI in March as part of a follow-up to the earlier Security Needs Assessment Report.


Release: Governor’s Office


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