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TCI: Fire out, alleged arsonist remains at large


#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – February 10, 2019 – The dump fire is extinguished again and Environmental Health Department Director, Kenrick Neely says the blaze last night was freshly lit by someone.  

While motives for the lighting of the dump are unsubstantiated public conjecture, theories that the fires serve as a signal or beacon to illegal sloops that need to know the way to land, are most popular.

Last week’s fire seemed to have supported that school of thought.  It was said 130 illegal migrants from Haiti made landfall in the wee hours of Monday February 4 in NW Providenciales.  The fire, which was set at the dump, also in NW Providenciales, was initially seen and photographed late Saturday night and is also reportedly arson, intentionally lit, with illegal migrants fingered as potential suspects.  

There are also theories that the fires are motivated by party politics and by interest in the multi-million-dollar dump management contract up for grabs.

We are told the tender is out and deadline to bid for the contract, which was discontinued by TCIG with TCEM (Turks and Caicos Environmental Management) on October 28, 2018 closes later this month.  

Police have been reported as investigating the allegations of arson for years.  There are no reports and no updates on the progress of the probes.

Security of the vast site continues to be a concern… will someone reignite the landfill again, and when?

Residents of the area have heard and questioned it all and are doggedly focused on resolve of the issue of noxious smoke, potentially toxic air, certain health hazard and national security breaches which are seemingly out of hand in this neck of the woods, which also happens to be home to thousands of honest, hardworking, taxpaying residents.

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