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BAHAMAS: Water Improvement Project Nears Completion in South Andros

#Nassau, January 9, 2019 – Bahamas – The Water and Sewerage Corporation is on the verge of completing

WSC Mars Bay

another project in the Family Islands. Executive Chairman, Mr. Adrian Gibson led a delegation of Senior Officers

and members of the media on a site visit to South Andros on Monday, 7th January to get a glimpse of the project’s progress.

During a press conference held at The Pointe Resort South Andros, Mr. Gibson said that a $28.33 million loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and $13.3 million in counterpart funding from the Government of the Bahamas are supporting the project. Once completed, it is expected that access, reliability and quality of the water supply system would be improved. Works have already been completed in San Salvador, Pinewood Gardens Phase B, and Coral Lakes/Boatswain Hill in New Providence.  The project is substantially completed in South Andros.

Mr. Gibson said that countries such as The Bahamas must enhance the security of their water supply as a result of the intensity of recent hurricanes affecting the region.

“As you may know, recent analyses have concluded that the strongest hurricanes occurring in the North Atlantic region have increased in intensity over two to three decades. In The Bahamas, we have been faced with these natural disasters and we must adapt,” said Mr. Gibson.

The government has, therefore, taken measures to secure its water supply systems throughout the populated islands.  Mr. Gibson said that a $5.5 million South Andros Project would result in 30 miles of water main and 604 service connections impacting over 1,200 residents. Settlements impacted will include: Congo Town, Little Creek, Long Bays, Pleasant Bay, High Rock, Smith’s Hill, Bluff, Kemp’s Bay, Black Point, Deep Creek, Rolle Town, Pure Gold and Mars Bay.

“All service connections and over 90 percent of the pipes have been supplied and installed,” said Mr. Gibson. “Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the project had some delays in 2018. The matters have been resolved and the works will continue in the near future.”

A Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant has also been installed in the Kemp’s Bay area. The access roadway for the plant is

WSC Chairman Adrian Gibson Addressing Tour of South Andros Facilities

located just behind the Kemp’s Bay High School. The site was chosen for its elevation at over 60 feet, which will provide for gravity feed and mitigate the effect of sea level rise.

“Many people think that all of Andros has adequate fresh ground water, but there are some areas in South Andros with a very high salt content,” he said. “The Sea Water Reverse Osmosis plant will provide potable drinking water to the residents of South Andros.”

All settlements between Smith’s Hill and Mars Bay will be impacted (approximately 800 residents). He said that the plant will produce 30,000 imperial gallons per day and the construction period should not exceed 26 weeks.


By: Betty Vedrine

Release: BIS

Photo Caption: Executive Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, Mr. Adrian Gibson, led a delegation of Senior Officials from the WSC and members of the media on a site visit of the water improvement project in South Andros on Monday, January 7, 2019.  He spoke at a press conference at The Pointe Resort South Andros, giving an overview of the project.  


(BIS Photos/Patrick Hanna)

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