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BAHAMAS: Water and Sewerage Corporation Continues Water Improvement Projects in Long Island and Crooked Island

#CrookedIsland, January 9, 2019 – Bahamas – The Water and Sewerage Corporation continues to execute a Caribbean Development Bank Water Improvement Project by improving access, reliability and the quality of water supply systems in Long Island and Crooked Island.  The project is funded by a $28.33 million loan from the Bank, and $13.3 million in counterpart funding from the Bahamas Government.

Works have commenced in South Long Island and they are approaching a substantial completion on South Andros, the Corporation’s Executive Chairman, Adrian Gibson explained during a press conference at the Corporation’s headquarters, Wednesday, January 9, 2019.  He noted that works have also been completed in San Salvador, and in New Providence in Pinewood Gardens Phase B and Coral Lakes/Boatswain Hill.

The Executive Chairman said Phase I of the Long Island component will include the installation of 19 miles of new water mains to extend the existing Central Island System northward to Thompson Bay, just north of Salt Pond and southward to Lochabar, just south of Clarence Town.

“Works have commenced on Lot 2 and will follow in Lot 1 thereafter.  It is projected that this project will provide a piped portable water supply to 300 plus homes and businesses for the first time.”

Mr. Gibson explained that Phase II of the project will take place in two lots in North Long Island and is expected to impact 540 residents.  He said Lot 3 will include the supply and installation of approximately 22,000 feet of four-inch C900 water mains, 5,500 feet of two-inch water mains, and 80 service connections.  The work is expected take place in the Settlements of Millerton, Bunches, Deals, Scrub Hill, Simms and Doctors Creek.

Lot 4 will include the supply and installation of roughly 15,000 feet of four-inch C900 water mains, 25,000 feet of two-inch water mains, and 100 service connections.  Work will take place in the Doctors Creek, Bains, Morris and Wemyss Settlements.  The expected duration of the works will be roughly 12 months.

Mr. Gibson said the project in Crooked Island will include the supply and installation of approximately five miles of water mains and around 83 service connections, and will impact roughly 250 residents.

Settlements impacted by the project will include Church Grove, Cabbage Hill, Timothy Thompson and Colonel Hill Settlements. 

The project will be executed in a single lot and involve the design and construction of a Potable Water Transmission/Distribution System and Reverse Osmosis Plant Access Road in Central Crooked Island. 

It is expected to take 12 months to complete.


By Llonella Gilbert

 Release: BIS

 Photo Caption: Water and Sewerage Corporation Executive Chairman, Adrian Gibson (centre) held a press conference at the Corporation’s headquarters to update the public on water improvement projects, Wednesday, January 9, 2019.  Pictured seated from left: AGM, Family Islands, Cyrian Gibson; Member of Parliament for MICAL, Miriam Emmanuel; the Executive Chairman; and General Manager, Elwood Donaldson.  


(BIS Photo/Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.)


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