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TCI: Happy Birthday to In the Pink, ten years and counting

#Providenciales, October 16, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – It was not only a gathering to support one of the most worthy causes in the country, but a ten year birthday for the In the Pink event.

Karen Whitt is the brainchild of the festivity which in its genesis was simply a charity shopping event, giving designer labels for bargain prices in an elegant luxury suite on Grace Bay… today, it has mushroomed to becoming guy friendly, featuring higher end names like Donna Karan and Rolex, a dignitary must do and the evening has added Pink Poker gaming.

“The honor and privilege is my own to be here tonight to lend my support to In the Pink in its tenth year, that’s amazing that this foundation has continued to grow and grow throughout the years, and I believe the support throughout the years has grown and so has the awareness of breast cancer.  And that’s what this month is about, this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to show support to all those persons that are suffering with breast cancer, those persons that have lost the battle and those persons who continue to fight.” – Deputy Governor Hon. Anya Williams

“I have to support the initiative for breast cancer month, you know I lost an aunt to breast cancer, so it affected me in a very very adverse way, and I think what In the Pink is, it’s all about a greater awareness.  I actually do my breast cancer screenings every October because of this event here, it really enforces the need for women to do their screenings and testing.” – Sabrina Green, TCI Human Rights Commissioner

There were lots of gleeful ladies, smitten with their purchases and ready to give greetings to the now decade old fundraiser.  Guys also paid homage to the night and to the cause.

“Shout out to In the Pink on it’s tenth anniversary, it’s amazing, it’s going to be a wonderful evening, if you’re not here as yet you should be here, trust me, In the Pink is for a great cause, to fight cancer, no one loves cancer, we all have to eradicate cancer.  Turks and Caicos 2018.”

“Just know we are here against cancer and stand for a cause, In The Pink.”

In the Pink last year managed to raise $50,000 as a partner of the National Cancer Society, naturally, this year the plan is to give even more.





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