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Child Care and Protection rights made clearer in TCI Ordinance

#GrandTurk, Turks and Caicos Islands – Wednesday October 3, 2018 – Changes to the Child Care Protection Ordinance are aimed at balancing the rights of children, their parents, guardians and caregivers, upholders of the law and the body of people governing these delicate, sensitive matters.

Home Affairs Minister Delroy Williams brought amendments to the House of Assembly which may not have been as flossy as the Service Charge Bill, but which are certainly significant.  Minister Williams said:  “Since coming to office it has been my mission to ensure that greater resources and efforts are allocated to enhancing the state and functioning of Social Development.  The amendment to this bill is therefore another significant and positive step in that direction as it strengthens the protection of our children.”  

The four amendments are:  Establishing a new Safeguarding Children’s Board which will replace the advisory committee; specifying more clearly what have to be the circumstances for a child to be considered at risk of significant harm; laying out the grounds for Court decisions on child care orders and specifying what length of time a child can be held, in safety, without a court order.

Minister Williams added,  “It is well accepted that children are our future, so it naturally follows that their overall protection is vital to securing that bright future, which we all would like to see for them and our country.As Minister responsible for Social Development, let me also take this opportunity to say that protecting and safeguarding our children must be a collective and national effort.”


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