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No Vote-Out for Turks and Caicos MP, says Natl Budget supports Five Cays

Hon Sean Astwood, Deputy Premier - Turks and Caicos Islands, file

#GrandTurk, Turks and Caicos Islands – Wednesday July 18, 2018 – The changes which have for years escaped the residents of Five Cays are coming within this fiscal year, announced Member of Parliament for the district who also said he has no plans of being voted out by his constituents.

PDM Rally in Five Cays, photo by Deandrea Hamilton, December 2016

Deputy Premier and Five Cays Member of Parliament, Hon Sean Astwood came under heavy fire recently and was accused of neglecting the constituency from which he hails and which gave him 62% of the votes in the December 2016 polls.

“Mr. Speaker, for the record I have no intentions of going back on that side of the room. It’s something about those seats on that side that just don’t feel right. Therefore, under my watch “Five Cays, South Dock Road and Chalk Sound will never be neglected.”

The MP added that the PDM Administration, in this budget cycle is supporting significant road works for Five Cays; ending years of neglect he said, and giving constituents the kind of community they deserve.

“Records will show that my constituency of Five Cays was never deemed important enough by the than PNP administration to be included in any of their four budget they passed.  Mr. Speaker, when the wonderful and hard-working voters of Five Cays demonstrated their confidence in me and the PDM party on December 15, 2016, on a mandate of change.  Mr. Speaker, I can truly say things are changing, and changing for the better!”

The contribution by the Deputy Premier came on June 12, 2018, two days after the Budget Communication was delivered by Premier and Finance Minister, Hon Sharlene Robinson. It was titled: ‘Things are Changing and Changing for the Better’.

“The road to the radar station, where we have a lot of foot and vehicle traffic, will be getting paved. Mr. Speaker, this is long overdue. In fact, it was my family that pushed that road when we were the first and sole residents in that area. Since that time Mr. Speaker, that area has become home to many families. And this will be the first inch of tar this road has ever seen. Mr. Speaker, things are changing! And changing for the better, in Five Cays.”

File photo of Road works in Five Cays

Granny Hill will also become smoother passage for the scores of residents living in that part of Five Cays, as the Member of Parliament for the district repeatedly rejected allegations of ‘neglect’ levelled against him by vocal members of Five Cays.

“Mr. Speaker, Granny Hill will be paved with sidewalks in this financial year, things are changing!  Mr. Speaker, Matilda Way will be paved with sidewalks in this financial year. And for those that might not know that road by name; that is the road that circles Pumpy’s Place going straight around the back pass Rousseau’s house and back to the Five Cays main road. Mr. Speaker, neglect? No, no, no, Mr. Speaker, things are changing in Five Cays and changing for the better!”

There was also congratulations to the primary school of the community, Enid Capron Primary which had outstanding showing in this year’s Grade Six Achievement Tests.

“Mr. Speaker, I want to publicly congratulate the Principal, Staff, and successful students of Enid Capron Primary school for capturing three of the top ten positions in the 2018 Grade Six Achievement Test. You have made our constituency and community of Five Cays very proud. Mr. Speaker, they deserve to be acknowledge.”

Work in Five Cays will continue said the Member, including at the Felix Morley Community Center.  It was pointed out that last year the road to Sandbar was paved, despite the public outcry from some.

Mr. Speaker, the Five Cays Beautification project started with the Welcome to Five Cays and Welcome to Chalk Sound Signs during my years as a member of the opposition. However, the signs were only phase one of my Beautification project.  Residents and Visitors alike must prepare themselves for the beauty that is about to unfold.  Mr. Speaker, anyone familiar with my campaign has heard me consistently mention Operation Facelift. The roads, the community center, the primary health care offering, and Five Cays Beautification are just some of the components of operation face lift. I made promises to my constituents and I will continue to work tirelessly until all promises are delivered.  Which includes major cleanup campaigns like I have done before. Mr. Speaker, I must say that I am blessed to be able to bring about the changes that I wanted to see as a child, teenager, and eventually a young adult growing up in Five Cays and during my years in opposition.”

Five Cays is only a part of the district though and the more upscale community of Chalk Sound was included in the early part of Hon. Astwood’s contribution on the Budget.

Photo by Camille Lyne, posted to Facebook Sept 2017

“Mr. Speaker, the residents of Chalk Sound and Silly Creek will be happy to hear that I have also been working on a Green Park for them. I have already identified various suitable sites for this park. It is my intention this year to have the site designated for this purpose and design and works beginning as soon as possible. The works will begin initially from residents and private sector support with major assistance coming from the government later.

There were shout-outs; “I would like to give a big shout out to the Chalk Sound community for their diligence, their community spirit, their modes of communicating with each other and the watchful eye they keep on their community. They are an example for other communities.”

Photo by Deandrea Hamilton, 2017 event

And kudos come for the new community organization in Five Cays, which will again host the Lobsterfest on the beach adjacent the Felix Morley Community Center.

“Mr. Speaker, I would also like to give a shout out to the Five Cays Cultural Committee for their projects and other works they have been doing in Five Cays. Mr. Speaker, the public would recall that this committee hosted the First Annual, “Five Cays Lobsterfest” last year September, where it was estimated that over a thousand persons descended into Five Cays. It was a successful event by all measures.  Mr. Speaker, I want to invite you, every member of this House, and the entire public to join us once again in Five Cays this September for a fun filled event.”

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