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Water rationing in Grand Turk, residents say it’s a crisis

#GrandTurk,  Turks and Caicos, June 27, 2018 –– Guests to the island and residents of the country’s Capital are experiencing a service drought;

city water and water delivery services are down in Grand Turk.  Residents have been drawing attention to the vexing problem of water shortages for years and during last week’s Throne Speech the need for resolve was cited as a high priority legacy issue.

“Mr. Speaker, the Government recognized the serious challenges in the area of water production and distribution especially of the Island of Grand Turk. The Government will address and resolve the myriad of legacy issues in their entirety over the next two Budget cycles.”

A rental property owner today explained the incredible predicament where water is being rationed and where she is faced with being completely out of water.  The woman, who is incensed by the matter said she has no idea how to explain to her guests that there is no water for them to use.

Magnetic Media confirmed her report where two of three government pumps are out of commission; the smaller water Reverse Osmosis Plant which is functioning is tasked with providing thousands of residents and guests the water they need.  The two broken pumps are awaiting parts to be fixed.

It is basic, fundamental to have potable water and those voicing concern say they are flabbergasted by reported fiscal surplusses while their busy island languishes without a reliable water system.

Magnetic Media also learned that the water woes of Grand Turk has attracted the help of Carnival Cruise Line, which reportedly brought in those needed parts on board its vessel yesterday.  However there is no update as yet from Government on what will and can happen to wash away this urgent crisis.

In an update released by TCIG last week, it stated, “The Public is further advised that a brand new replacement part for the main unit has been procured by the Water Undertaking Unit and is expected to be on the in Island next week Wednesday 27th June, 2018, thanks to the swift actions of our US supplier.  Once received, the pump will be installed immediately and the Unit will resume normal water production at high levels as early as next week Friday.  In the interim, we continue to ask all residents of Grand Turk to be conservative in the use and management of water.  We again apologize for the inconveniences in the disruption of our water services and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.”

Add to the malfunctioning pumps, there is an ongoing issue of sabotage.  Yes, someone with an axe to grind is intentionally wreaking havoc on the Government’s water system.

Minister of Infrastructure, Goldray Ewing has been contacted and is aware of the problem, he explained to Magnetic Media that a statement to update the Grand Turk public is being prepared.


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