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TCI: Opening of Express Center

#Providenciales, June 7, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – A new experience when filling up at the pump is now opened on Leeward Highway in Providenciales… and the owners are feeling thrilled about the modern facility they are able to present to the motoring public.  Lynden Hall is owner.

“The property is .6 of an acre, we have a whole hundred and sixty frontal of the highway itself, main thoroughfare.  We also have one island, and we have ten dispensers, well two dispensers and ten pumps, that mean we are able to serve about 4 cars at a time.  Not to mention the first modernized C store, we have the latest in technologies, we have a fixture that is for our coffee station, that is new, we have a number of grocery items, we have a little of everything and that is what we want the motoring public to have, which is that convenience pretty much.”    Lynden Hall – Owner/Operator

Express Center has been operating a week now and it is a family run business with husband, wife and sons at the helm, making sure islanders get a quality experience with every stop.

“We do have our college graduates and our elder son and obviously they are a very very big part of this operation.  They are here and they are going to be in it for the long hall because they have told me that they are going to be the fellas that are going to take it to another level. Simple.”

Media personality, Shaun Malcolm is a family friend and he talked about what he admired in the gas station and convenience store, which on opening day gave customers complimentary breakfast.

“I think this is great, anytime you see a local advance and get their business it’s always a good thing for the country, it’s always a good thing for the economy and it always sends a signal when new businesses open.  So I want to congratulate them and make sure we continue to support our locals in all their ventures, and I’m talking about all our locals.” – Shaun Malcolm – Patron   


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