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BREAKING NEWS: Boat explosion in Exuma, one person legs badly burned

Photos provided by Exuma residents

#Exuma, The Bahamas – Saturday June 30, 2018 – One person’s legs are described as severely burned, four others are said to be okay after being taken to the mini-hospital on the island following a boat explosion in Exuma waters.   

The company, which is endorsed by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and located on Queen’s Highway in Exuma, was said to have had a boat which left Barraterre, Exuma en route to an adventure with the famous Swimming Pigs when the hull exploded.  Images provided to Magnetic Media from those in Exuma show the severely charred wreckage, partially sunken.  Another image taken during the inferno depicts the red-orange flames and billowing smoke.  

Again, our source in Exuma explained that five were taken to hospital; among them tourists.  One person is said to have severe leg burns as a result of that explosion.

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