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TCI: Holocaust Survivor revives a childhood story

Eva Schloss

#TurksandCaicos, March 22, 2018 – Providenciales – Three holocaust survivors have formally visited and addressed residents of the Turks and Caicos now thanks to the Provo Jewish Community and its sponsors.  Rena Finder, the oldest living Holocaust Schindler’s List survivor… there has been Dan Alon, a Jewish survivor of the 1978 Munich Olympic Games and this year, in 2018 we have welcomed Eva Schloss.

“There have been prosecutions of groups of people still going on, but something like this have never every happened, that it was planned, that someone was sent to eliminate a whole people, you know the whole of Europe, and if Hitler would have gone to England, and perhaps America, he would have eliminated all of the Jewish people in the world.”



Eva, a gracious lady is one of the childhood friends of Anne Frank, child author of the legendary diary which shared from a little girl’s perspective the happenings around the time of Holocaust.  Eva would eventually become the step-sister of Anne Frank whose father married Eva’s mother when the pair met with unspeakable evil and tragic loss.  This year the event, dubbed Beyond the Diary, was held at the Shore Club in Long Bay, Providenciales.

“People are prejudice against people who are not the same as they are, and this is something I really would like to stop, what people have to do, they have to, not to be bystanders.”

The Provo Jewish Community explained that it felt a story of resilience was particularly important given what the islands have experienced last year.  Eva’s testimony was received with somber appreciation.

“The Germans didn’t all agree with Hitler was about to do, but the cowardice, they didn’t speak up, and this is what I told the young people, if you see injustice being done you have to speak up, not just being a bystander.


By: Deandrea Hamilton


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