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TCI: Engine and sail, Haitian boat again missed by ‘improved’ coastal radar, three boats in five days

#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos – Tuesday May 15, 2018 – Powered by an engine and the vigorous winds affecting our region, another Haitian sloop managed to slip undetected by the ‘improved’ coastal radar and make landfall in north western Providenciales before daybreak this morning.

Authorities late today confirmed the illegal boat which made it to an area called Lil Bluff after photos and video of the boat parked on the pristine beach began making social media rounds.

Immigration Director, Derek Been admitted that there were unknowns; including how many illegal migrants may have made it to shore, the precise time of the landing and what may have come on board the wooden vessel.  Mr. Been said the boat had both an engine and a massive sail to push it to Provo.  It was explained to Magnetic Media that the boat was discovered by the marine branch of the #RoyalTurksandCaicosIslandsPolice, while on patrol.

Meanwhile, the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Border Control, this week welcomed five special officers from the UK to support the investigations into the upsurge in illegal migration to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

There was no explanation on why the radar failed to detect the vessel, nor was there information on what other help the British will lend as National Security minister for the country is actually the Governor, H.E. Dr. John Freeman.

In March, as many as five boats originating from Haiti landed in country over mere days.  In the past five days, reports of illegal landings are now at four; with three boats confirmed by authorities, one of which was intercepted off the coast of Grand Turk this past Saturday.


By: Deandrea Hamilton




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