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TCI Autism Classroom in jeopardy, founders launch campaign to save specialised site

#TurksandCaicos, January 3, 2017 – Providenciales – An urgent call for help is designed to rescue a classroom for children with Autism from extinction and it launches a national campaign where just about anyone can afford to help.

IMG-20180101-WA0091The Hope Foundation completed the classroom at the Mills Institute in August of 2015 and in late 2017, founders of the organization hit a financial snag – funds were dried up and the classroom, which caters to eight children was under a very real threat of closing up for good.   That’s when Maxcia and Almando Rigby reached out for help…

“When I was contacted with the news that this important classroom was in trouble, I prayed.   Immediately, an idea came, and I knew instantly that it could work.   If those of us who believe in the value and opportunity the Hope Foundation classroom brings to our educational landscape were to support financially, together, we could alleviate any concerns about money to operate the class.   Individually, it would be manageable and cumulatively, the financial contribution would be sufficient,” said Deandrea Hamilton, family friend and owner of #MagneticMedia.

It takes about $60,000 per year to operate the #HopeFoundation Autism Classroom in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands.

Ms. Hamilton added, “As one bill, the need would be out of reach for most people, but if we shared the bill and literally took care of the classroom one day at a time, then it becomes more do-able.  It takes roughly, $160.00 per day to keep the classroom open and functioning ideally.  I thought to myself, hey, I can do that and I can even get my own son involved – we’ve pledged and will donate to two days of the classroom.  That means 363 days are left for residents and supporters to donate.”

Magnetic Media with the Hope Foundation for #AutismAwareness is calling the campaign and the challenge, “I’ll Pay a Day for Hope!”

Almando Rigby is the Public Relations Officer for the Hope Foundation, he too had an immediate faith that the concept and campaign could work.

IMG-20180101-WA0090“Sponsoring a day will allow our students and their teachers to return to school safe and happy about learning.   It will also allow us to open our doors to four more students who can benefit.   The Hope Autism Classroom supports learning through Individual Educational Plans, center based learning, one on one teaching and group activities.  We also aim to educate based on high social skills opportunities and interactions with typically developing children.   The classroom is a big part of Hope and it speaks to the potential all of our children have to learn and succeed.   ALL children have the right to be educated without prejudice, it’s their God given right to have a place in this world and the Hope Autism Classroom in that place,” explained Almando Rigby, parent and founder of Hope Foundation.

Director & Chairman of Hope Foundation, Maxcia Rigby explained that the outpouring since the inception of Hope has been phenomenal, but shared that “the last part of last year, particularly this new school year has been the toughest for Hope.   Due to the recent storms, fundraising has proven almost impossible.   Rightly so, donations have been focused on hurricane relief efforts and because we rely heavily on corporate and community support which is now diverted to hurricane assistance, we may have to close our room…we are hoping for good success through the I’ll Pay a Day for Hope campaign.”

You can pay a day now.   The need is urgent and you can make a deposit directly to The Hope Foundation’s ScotiaBank account (#755389).   Contact Almando or Maxcia Rigby today:  649-332-9817 or 649-332-1977 and let them know that you are willing to Pay a Day for Hope.


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