David Smith loses appeal, US extradition looms, attorney says onto a new round in London

#UnitedKingdom, November 16, 2017 – London – There was grave disappointment for the David Smith team after a loss of their appeal at the Appellate Court sitting on Wednesday.   Smith, held for a string of financial crimes continues a near three year battle against a US extradition order which among other things could land him in a Federal prison for up to 30 years.

His attorney, Oliver Smith said the fight is not over though and admitted to #MagneticMedia, it continues to be an uphill battle but they will take their case to the Privy Council in London.    #DavidSmith, of Olint is accused of creating and managing a Ponzi scheme; he completed a jail sentence at HMP in Grand Turk and was rearrested less than 24 hours later in a move to cart him off to the United States to complete a Federal sentence in Orlando.

Smith is originally from Jamaica, but is also a Turks and Caicos Islander.




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