Conch export ban lifted, Nassau Grouper season closure reminder

#TurksandCaicos, November 16, 2017 – Providenciales – We can export conch and conch products again now, legally according to the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources, DECR after a measure to ensure the Conch was ‘okay’ following Hurricane Irma was instituted.  The announcement comes just days after Minister responsible, Ralph Higgs told residents at a public meeting held in Provo that the damage to the marine resources due to the hurricanes, is not irreparable.

It was said that locally we are consuming 320,000 conchs per season and exporting half a million conchs per season.   A TCI Sun news report revealed that local restaurants and fisherman are still finding it hard to find marine products in the aftermath of the category 5 hurricane.   Waters are still murky.

Still, the temporary hold on export is lifted and a reminder comes that by November 30, it will be illegal to sell, store or eat the Nassau Grouper, as the season will close on that day – its usual time.



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