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Cancer cases up for Turks and Caicos, 47 new patients reports Hospitals

#PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos – November 13, 2017 – Diagnosed Cancer cases for the Turks and Caicos have increased by 18%, with 47 new cases recorded in the past year according to information from the Turks and Caicos Hospitals released today.

The statistics, which the facility says is sourced from its cancer registry, reveal that the country has gone from having 259 cancer patients in 2016 on the register, to now having 306 on file.  Tragically, 102 of these registrants have already died, either due to cancer or other ailments.

The report  shares that leading the cancers being treated by the #TCIHospitalsOncologyDepartment is breast cancer with 64 patients; second is prostate cancer with 51 patients.

The TCI Hospitals explain:  “Of the 306 total cancer cases recorded, 204 of these persons are currently receiving treatment, support and/or follow-up cancer management at TCI Hospital Oncology Department. These current cases consist of 64 persons who have or had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, 51 persons diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and the remaining 89 persons represent a combination of thirty-three (33) different cancers.”

Thirty-three different cancers in Turks and Caicos, a country of a mere 36,000 residents, is very concerning; so much so that the TCI Hospitals says it is currently in talks with the Ministry of Health and Human Services on developing a #NationalCancerRegistry.

The current registry exposes that senior residents are the leading age group living with Cancer.  “The age bracket with the highest number of cancer diagnoses recorded at the hospital is 60-69 year olds, followed by 50-59 year olds. Of these persons who fall within the 60-69 year old age bracket, 30% are Prostate Cancer and 25% are Breast Cancer. Of the 50-59 year old group, 51% of the total number are Breast Cancer diagnoses.”

Breast Cancer is not only a vexing issue within the Turks and Caicos, but nearby Bahamas during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (in October) said it is finding that younger, black, Bahamian women are turning up with the disease more regularly.

In the Turks and Caicos, the youngest patient is 31 years old.  Seven new Breast Cancer cases were recorded for 2017 and 40 to 49 is the age bracket with the highest instance of breast cancer for this jurisdiction.

These statistics come just days ahead of the annual ‘In the Pink’ event here in Providenciales, where funds are raised for breast cancer awareness and patients.

The Hospitals registry was started in 2014 and the information gathered, is on a monthly basis, shared with the Ministry of Health as a part of its contractual obligation to the Turks and Caicos Island Government and People.

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