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#Bahamas, November 7, 2017 – Nassau – Peter Morrison and Rosemary Bender will be in the Bahamas between November 6th and 11th to support Component II Coordinator, Terrance Fountain in the assessments that will create the foundation for the National Statistical System (NSS). They are both former Assistant Chief Statisticians of Canada with decades of experience in senior leadership that includes developing international standards and classifications, implementation of the world’s first internet based Census and overseeing modernization efforts in China and the United Nations.

Component II of the Public Financial Management and Performance Monitoring Reform (PFM/PMR) Project is tasked with creating an NSS that will meet both national and international information requirements.   The Department of Statistics will be strengthened into the National Statistical by developing and implementing new organizational structures and businesses processes and providing training and hardware upgrades.

Ministries, Departments and Agencies will be impacted as they may need to change the kinds of information they collect and the instruments they use to collect them. Integration, synergy and collaboration will be enhanced by making timely relevant data more readily accessible. Overall decision making will improve as research based reporting and evidence based practice will be supported through the implementation of the NSS.   Morrison’s visit and the National Statistical Assessment are crucial steps in national financial reform efforts.

Press Release: BIS

Photo caption:

National Statistics Assessment Team. From Left to Right  Terrance Fountain ( Component II Coordinator), Peter Morrison (NSS consultant) Rosemary Bender ( NSS Consultant), Tonya Adderley (PFM/PMR Project Manager) Jamiko Deleveaux (PFM/PMR Research Consultant)



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