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Bahamas: Current PLP Leader and former PLP MP implicated in ‘shady’ contract awards, Miller denies the audit

NASSAU, Bahamas – November 8, 2017 –  Information coming out now that former BPL Chairman Leslie Miller was found by the auditors to guide decisions for contract awarding when he was at the helm, in some cases circumventing proper procedure to see an entity win jobs from the country’s power company.

Conflicts of interest and curry favoring is cited in the forensic audit report and it exposes that the contracts went to BEC board members and went to public officials; these were the larger contracts and the breech extends back to 2012.

Among those getting leading contracts, as they are defined by media reports, one to the brother of current PLP Leader, then Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for BEC, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis.   It is said that Davis’ brother did not have the preferred bid for the work, but got the contract despite.

Even Mario’s Bowling Alley, owned by Leslie Miller won a contract for over $52,000.

Miller’s reply to media was that he was not aware of any contract to Mario’s or to any relative of Davis.  Leslie Miller also said that contracts always went to the lowest bidder.

Ernst & Young reports that at least 19 vendors circumvented the proper process for awarding of contracts.


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