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Rotarians Called on to Support Social Services and Urban Initiatives as Ministry Tweaks Programs

#Bahamas, October 11, 2017 – Nassau – The Government is zeroing in on human development, revitalization of inner-city spaces, and preservation of heritage as it prepares to streamline the operations of programs in the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development.   In light of this, some of the programs, projects and platforms that fall under the purview of this Ministry are being adjusted to ensure “full alignment” with the mandate of the Government.

According to the Hon. Lanisha Rolle, the Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, a three-pronged approach has been incorporated in its transformation plan, “Structure, System and Service” which is designed to change the country’s socio-economic landscape.

Minister Rolle spoke on the topic, “Social Services and Urban Development: A Community Development Approach” at a luncheon meeting of Rotary Club of West Nassau at Poop Deck West, October 5.   She told Rotarians that Social Services and Urban Development will work together to produce community development and socio-economic empowerment and appealed to them for continued support in mentoring initiatives and joint efforts for social change.

“While Social Services will ensure that persons maintain an acceptable standard of living, Urban Development will ensure their empowerment to come off Social Services and live productive lives.

“On the Social Services end, we intend to identify an Empowerment Unit to amalgamate all services designed to empower the individual such as our work assistance program and rehabilitative programs — such as parenting classes and prospective family budgeting classes to name a few,” she added.

An urban research center and library; an urban cadet corps amalgamating the after-school program, the band and sporting initiatives, and enhancement of the senior citizen enrichment initiatives are among the objectives.

Minister Rolle said while Social Services will direct its resources toward human development, Urban Development will seek to revitalize the inner-city spaces for the enhancement of socio-economic conditions.   She told Rotarians that her Ministry looks forward to forging partnerships to achieve community-building initiatives.

By: Kathryn Campbell (BIS)

Photo caption: The Hon. Lanisha Rolle, Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, addressed Rotary Club of West Nassau on Thursday at Poop Deck West.

(BIS Photo/Patrick Hanna)


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