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‘Big’ vacationers TV show filmed at Eleuthera Bahama resort designed for plus-size travelers

#Bahamas, October 25, 2017 – Eleuthera – The concept of creating a resort experience for heavier vacationers has caused a property in Eleuthera, Bahamas to make international television and the show was an absolute hit!   The Resort is literally built to take away the feelings of guilt or concerns about fitting here or there off of the minds of the bigger bodied holiday seeker.

the resort eleutheraWider doors, sturdier chairs and beds, reinforced toilet bowls and lavish buffets are among the features and these made the escape perfect for so called, ‘obese Brits’ who were filmed for a TV show enjoying their one week Eleuthera vacation.   The amazing concept of the property, simply called The Resort, is situated on an amazing beach and was the setting for ITVs 18 to 30 stone holiday documentary for plus-sized holiday makers.  There are scores of Tweets commending the show and The Resort.

Jamie King is owner of The Resort, which is also the world’s only plus size friendly resort.

“I designed The Resort as a safe haven for plus size individuals to be able to just be themselves without fear of outside judgment.   We have almost 5 miles of private beach and fresh water pool.  ITV is an on demand video service which in 2013 had over one million registered users.  You really should check out the video and photos on the property; find The Resort and outtakes from the 18 to 30 stone holiday show on Facebook.   Follow the link:





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