Three TCI murder inmates transferred to St. Lucia, HMP a casualty of Irma

#TurksandCaicos, September 26, 2017 – Grand Turk – Three convicted murderers have been removed from #HerMajesty’sPrison in Grand Turk and put on a plane bound for St. Lucia, where they will remain incarcerated.

Clifford Gibson Jr., Lavardo Smith and Randell Rigby were early this morning taken from the facility by Police and UK military, with some of the belongings and headed to the airport.

Two of the three inmates had escaped the prison when Hurricane Irma, on September 7, ripped the roof off the maximum security block.  Within hours they were recaptured and placed with lesser offenders.  The new arrangement caused an uproar and the Police SWAT was called in to restore order.

Inmates have been on 23-hour lockdown ever since.

In the first media debrief following super typhoon Irma, the Premier revealed that some inmates at HMP would be shifted to the prison in St. Lucia.

Hon Sharlene Robinson had vowed that eh TCI would not be in the same predicament as some territories where convicted criminals were loose and on the streets after Hurricane Irma destroyed their prisons.


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