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Six Caribbean countries in crisis, region helping

#Barbados, September 28, 2017 – The people of #Barbados are buying generators, gathering relief supplies and sending help to nearby Dominica after that country’s face off last week with Category 5 Hurricane Maria.   The report of the help is just some of what regional people are doing to be their brother’s keeper in what will go down in history a most catastrophic Atlantic Hurricane Season for the basin.

However, reports say at least six Caribbean region countries are in dire straits following the walloping by Irma and Maria this month.    Puerto Rico is facing food and water shortages, homes and hospitals for the over 4 million people remain without electricity in the US territory and there is a public health crisis.

The 1,600 inhabitants of Barbuda cannot return home; it is said that civilization on the island has been extinguished until the reconstruction is done.  Dominica lost 27 people, others are still missing and even the Prime Minister’s home was demolished by the strong system – leaving the island without running water, electricity and limited communication services.    The US Virgin Islands of St Thomas, St John and St Croix where the two hurricanes wrecked the three islands are said to have damages of $200m; 48,000 people call the islands home.  Cuba, was slammed by Hurricane Irma and 10 people were killed.

Americans are told to avoid travel to the island nation where fragile buildings in Havana are still crumbling, still falling nearly three weeks after the encounter with the hurricane.    The British Virgin Islands  were also beaten up this month by both systems and its famous billionaire resident, Sir Richard Branson and CEO of the Virgin brands is calling for a marshall plan to restore the popular vacation spot.

Branson said ‘these hurricanes are causing unimaginable destruction’.    And at number six in the article on the Vox online, from the Dutch Caribbean:  St. Martin, with an ‘I’ where it is said a third of the buildings on the Dutch side were destroyed.  The death toll there is put at 12 but hundreds more are registered as still missing.



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