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Public Service/NIB Minister Tours Grand Bahama

#Bahamas, September 1, 2017 – Grand Bahama – Minister for the Public Service and National Insurance, the Hon. Brensil Rolle made an official visit to Grand Bahama on Wednesday.   The Minister was eyeing accommodations for government workers on Grand Bahama and also took the opportunity to greet workers at the National Insurance Board’s Freeport Office.

In addition, he visited construction of the new Government Complex in Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama.   On his visit to NIB Minister Rolle said, “we are trying to turn the page and improve quality of service delivery to our customers.”

Following his walkabout and talking with a number of staffers, he acknowledged there were problems that needed to be addressed, and that they would seek to address them.

Nevertheless he felt satisfied that the NIB facility was one Bahamians could be proud of, and he was pleased at the personalized, customer service.

The Minister explained his visit was not especially for staff meetings but to look at facilities and accommodations for Ministry of Public Service agencies on Grand Bahama.   He would return with the Director and Chairman for meeting purposes.   In the meantime, issues of computer system and telephone service improvement would receive attention.

Overall, government workers in Grand Bahama appeared to have good facilities.

Regarding his visit to the multi-million-dollar Government Complex under construction in Eight Mile Rock, Minister Rolle said it was mainly to see the progress being made to this NIB investment project.   When completed, the complex will provide needed government services outside of Freeport.

Story by: Simon Lewis

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Minister for the Public Service and National Insurance, the Hon. Brensil Rolle, centre, chats with Mrs. Ruby Outten, assistant manager, Customer Service at the National Insurance Board in Freeport. The Minister has a keen desire to upgrade customer services, and services offered to senior citizens. He was on Wednesday on an official visit to Grand Bahama.  Also pictured is Dwight Grant, manager Inspectorate Department.

(BIS Photo)



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