Public Notice from the Department of Immigration

#Turks and Caicos, September 5, 2017 – Providenciales – The Department of Immigration in the Ministry of Border Control and Employment wishes to advise all persons that, as of 12:00 pm yesterday Tuesday September 5th, a hurricane watch was in effect for the Turks and Caicos Islands, indicating that hurricane conditions could affect the country within the next 48 hrs.

The Ministry of Border Control and Employment considers the lives of persons in the TCI, both of legal and illegal status of paramount importance and in light of the threat of possible hurricane conditions, wishes to advise that all Task Force Operations have been suspended and all efforts have been made to ensure that the Detention Center is cleared for the duration of the storm and until an all clear is given by the Department of Disaster Management and Emergency.

The Department of Immigration further advises that all persons, including those of illegal status, without adequate dwelling or in low lying and flood prone areas, should seek shelter without the fear of apprehension and repatriation during the passage of Hurricane Irma, which is potentially a very dangerous storm, to ensure the protection of life and safety.

Persons are further encouraged to monitor the advisories issued by the Department of Disaster Management and Emergency for the latest updates to Hurricane Irma.

Press Release: TCIG

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