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First death in Hurricane Irma, 16 year old surfer in Barbados

Barbados, September 6th, 2017 -Bridgetown –  A 16 year old surfer in Barbados seems to be the first person to be killed in Hurricane Irma, according to a number of surfing news websites.

Zander Venezia was surfing the huge waves created in Irma on the eastern coast of Barbados yesterday, when one of the waves took him down, a friend told that young Zander likely hit bottom.  He was responsive when taken from the water, but he later died and everyone is in shock at the sudden loss of a young man described as a funny kid, jovial and one of the most talented Barbados surfers; a junior pro.

Overnight, the news of Zander’s death got dozens of comments of condolences.  The area where the teenager from Bridgetown, Barbados was surfing is considered one of the nastiest areas for surfing.

By Deandrea Hamilton

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