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NEMA to test launch national alerting system

#Bahamas, September 3, 2017 – Nassau – The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) wishes to advise the public that testing of a multi-agency public notification system will commence on Tuesday 5th September 2017.   The initial test will involve the dissemination of a test alert by NEMA to all active cellular mobile subscribers in The Bahamas.

Captain Stephen Russell, Director of NEMA says this alerting system will add to already established protocols carried out before, during and in the immediate aftermath of any disaster posing a threat to the country.

“This is also part of NEMA’s renewed mission to build disaster resilient communities throughout our archipelago,” he said.

The pro-bono pilot system is provided by Unified Messaging Systems Americas ( as part of the Sustainable Nassau initiative led by the Office of The Prime Minister, and with technical assistance from the Inter-American Development Bank.   The pilot period will end in December 2017.

Residents and visitors to The Bahamas are invited to register on the citizen portal at to receive further SMS and email notifications during the pilot period from:

  • NEMA (Emergency preparedness tips, tropical cyclone alerts)
  • Royal Bahamas Police Force (missing/wanted persons, traffic diversions, crime prevention tips)
  • Bahamas Information Services
  • The Bahamas Department of Meteorology (severe weather alerts, excluding those issued by NEMA in respect of tropical cyclones)

A maximum of 4500 registrants can be accommodated on the citizen portal during the pilot period to receive alerts.

Please note, however, that during a tropical cyclone event, such as a hurricane or tropical storm, in partnership with BTC and ALIV, NEMA will also have the ability to use the system to send a daily SMS alert to ALL active cellular subscribers in the affected area, regardless of preregistration.

All SMS notifications received, as part of the pilot will be free of charge to customers of both BTC and Aliv.    NEMA thanks BTC and ALIV for their generous participation in this pilot.

Due to SMS constraints, persons are encouraged to also register an email address on to receive more frequent notifications from all agencies listed above.

Also note that this system will be used in addition to, and will not replace, any of the other communications mechanisms/platforms normally used by the above agencies for providing information to the public.

For more information, please visit NEMA’s Facebook page, NEMA-Bahamas,, or email

For more information contact: Lindsay Thompson, Public Information Officer, NEMA at: (242) 322-6081. (242) 322-6085. (242) 376-2042. Or  Email:

 Press Release: BIS

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