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Bay Street Flooding Issue Addressed in Parliament

#Bahamas, September 27, 2017 – Nassau – The government will undertake several initiatives to mitigate flooding similar to that which occurred on September 12 in northern New Providence, West Bay Street and Bay Street in particular.   Minister of Works the Hon. Desmond Bannister made the announcement during his communication to Parliament September 20, 2017.

In the short to medium term, Minister Bannister said the following will be required:

  1. A scope of work will be developed to have ALL the impacted laterals in area, water jetted.
  1. Additionally, in co-ordination with the utility companies, the installation of additional laterals across Bay Street where possible.

He remarked that in the future, the Ministry of Works will liaise with utility companies to work out logistics for the installation of larger pipes, which may involve the decommissioning of some of their systems.

On the day in particular, a downpour of rain led to “significant” flooding  from The Pointe (West Bay Street) to East Bay Street near the approach to Paradise Island bridge.

Flooding occurred in the following areas: West Bay Street by The Pointe, Bay Street and Victoria Ave, Bay Street and Colebrooke Lane, Bay Street and Dunmore Lane, Bay Street and Deveaux Avenue, Bay Street and Christie Avenue, Bay Street and Armstrong Street and Dowdeswell Street.

The Minister listed the following as reasons for the flooding:

  • The inspection chamber (manhole) situated on property owned by The Pointe has been continually blocked by placement of quarry over it.  To date the government has spent $38,726.86 to clear the laterals.
  • From Bay Street and Victoria Avenue to Dowdeswell Street, the pipes that convey the water from the south side to the north side of Bay Street are compromised.  There is utility infrastructure in the channels, thus restricting the flow, which leads to a backup in the system.
  • Rainfall was particularly intense.
  • Presence of trash impeded the flow of storm water.

Press Release: BIS

Photo credit: Bahamas Uncensored



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