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Bahamas Govt warned not to extend Nassau Grouper season

#Bahamas, September 25, 2017 – Nassau – More time to fish for the #NassauGrouper in The Bahamas could drive the species to extinction.   The warning comes from marine experts, including The Bahamas Natl Trust.   Fishermen are pressuring Agriculture Minister, Renward Wells about extending the Grouper Open Season which is currently December 1 thru February 29.

The Guy Harvey foundation, which is based in the Cayman Islands has weighed in on a possible extension to the season and said, “The Nassau grouper is considered vulnerable to over-fishing and is close to extinction…. all the grouper and snapper spawning sites by the Bahamian government needs to be increased, not decreased.

In the media release, the Natl Trust said it is “sensitive to the pressure being exerted on the minister to allow this temporary reprieve” which was suggested by the career fishermen who said successively devastating hurricane seasons have hurt their earnings.


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