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Bahamas Striping Private Venture Capital fund puts up $1m

#Bahamas, August 15, 2017 – Nassau – A $1M investment in new business ideas for younger Bahamians was highly praised by a string of leaders as #BahamasStriping Group of Companies continues to be a pace-setting firm.

Among those speaking at the Investment Fund Launch held on Thursday at the Hilton in Nassau was country leader, Prime Minister, Dr Hubert Minnis who said, “Today, I have come to endorse the efforts of Bahamas Striping in going far beyond its remit in launching what is really a private venture capital fund.    It is my understanding that the company has taken $1m of its funds and will use it to establish funding opportunities to young adults who can come forward with bankable proposals…”

The Prime Minister added,  “I need not tell you that there are countless examples of young individuals who have ideas to start a business enterprise but who have nowhere to turn to find the first red penny to advance their proposals.”

Prime Minister said this bold initiative leads to dreams fulfilled and averts the negative social explosion caused when dreams die or are deferred.  Seven year old, Bahamas Striping and its President and Founder, Atario Mitchell was praised for opening the doors for many through its million dollar investment fund.



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