Royal Robinson Says Government Has Not Properly Enacted Their 12 Point Crime Plan

Turks and caicos, July 27, 2017 – Providenciales – Progressive National Party Chairman, Royal Robinson has knocked the Government for what he says is their inability to enact the 12 point plan to tackle crime, which they had announced in their change document.

In a statement, Mr. Robinson highlighted the major crime issues in the TCI which include the hike in illegal migrants penetrating the country’s borders.

He then attacked the government for their inability to enact their 12 Point Crime Plan, saying that “to date, except from a few clichés, this 12 Point Plan has not seen the light of day.”

He continued, saying that PNP is not to blame for the government not fulfilling its promise. “They cannot say that the PNP have been obstructing their ability to enact such a plan, because the Leader of the Opposition and I attended a joint press conference with the Premier, Deputy Premier and other Ministers as a show of force and a willingness to get on board if the government were to lead in a constructive manner on the issue,” he said.

He ended his statement saying, “The Change Government’s 100 days have come and gone and they have not scratched the surface of what they could do, much less what their own supporters expected them to do”.

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