Hyper vigilance following second tourist shooting, TCI Police to get help says Governor

Turks and Caicos, July 31, 2017 – Providenciales – We can call it hyper vigilance mode for the Turks and Caicos Police which on Saturday conducted random stop and search operations in the hopes of catching criminals, especially those believed responsible for the gun crimes.    There was similar action too when Kevin Newman of Alabama was shot, and four wanted posters displaying potential suspects were released.  Two of those wanted men remain at large.  Denarto Ewing, who turned himself in and Deangelo Harvey, who was captured are both remanded but we understand on misdemeanor charges and will soon be released from prison.   Twenty-one year old Prince Brutus and Renardo Clarke, 28 are still on the run.

Meanwhile, no one is in custody for the June 24 shooting of Mr. Newman and no one is arrested for the July 28 shooting of Michael Jones…. As yet.  The UK heads up national security for the country and on Saturday, Governor Dr. John Freeman explained that there are urgent efforts which cannot be divulged to the public happening already and they are designed to curb crime and curtail illegal migrant landings by boat.

“Much has already been put in train and following recent incidents additional and specialised support (including from outside the Islands) is being put in place already or to be examined urgently.”  He also said, “Defeating the criminals remains a responsibility we hold in common.   The effort to deal with violent crime is ongoing. More resources are being dedicated to security needs and more will be available in the future.   And all of us with responsibilities for security are committed to seeing the task through.”

He said in that Saturday statement.  On Friday Police announced an overall decrease in crime by 15%, but a super surge in gun crimes by 158% and robberies by 220%. 




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