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Power outages continues to affect Bahamians

Bahamas, June 29th 2017: Persons are expressing outrage over no power for several hours and counting, as more outages continue to happen across The Bahamas, the latest in Fire Trail Road and Pride Estates.

Outages took place following severe weather affecting customers in southern New Providence, causing customers to go on BPL’s Facebook page to voice their aggravations. Many are questioning whether a rebate will be given when they receive their monthly electricity bills.

BPL posted a notice that its crews remain working to restore power to a few more areas, while it told its customers that power would be restored in the next three hours. However, residents on Facebook say the three hours have passed and power is yet to be restored.

Meanwhile, the power company issued a warning for homes prone to flood waters which reach above electrical outlets within their residence, to immediately turn off the main power supply and to not re-energize the home until an electrical inspection is carried out.

BPL has called on customers to contact our Emergency numbers at 323-5561-4 or 302-1800 to report outages or power related concerns.

The situation comes following major outages over the weekend in the Abaco Cays where the company says disruption in supply resulted in an island wide blackout.





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